22 Crazy Facts About Dubai You Must Know Before Visiting the City

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We have so much to learn and say about Dubai. For travellers, Dubai is a paradise and for explorers, Dubai is an architectural marvel. One of the top-class holiday destinations and delicious cuisine of Dubai attracts millions of international tourists every year. Well, there are other crazy facts too that make Dubai an extraordinary city and an important business hub.

1. Dubai homes the tallest building in the word

Obviously, we are talking about Burj Khalifa here. The height of the building is 828 metres which are equal to 3 Eiffel towers kept on top of each other. The superstructure of the tallest building itself holds many world records under various categories. You will be amazed to know that around 36 workers and 3 months are taken to clean the shining glass of the outer façade. 

2. Dubai has the world’s largest shopping mall

Not just the tallest building, but Dubai has the largest mall in the world. The mall is spread across 12 million square meters. More than 1200 stores are occupied by the world’s top brands. The mall has 26 cinemas and some 120 restaurants that serve exclusive delicacies. 

3. Dubai has the largest indoor theme amusement park the worldwide

The IMG Worlds of Adventure is in Dubai that is an indoor themed amusement park. It is the largest worldwide and spread across 1.5 million square feet. More than 20,000 guests can enjoy the 17 themed rides that are based on animated Dinosaurs, Marvel Super Heroes and Cartoon Network characters. 

4. Dubai Police have fancy cars

One of the craziest facts about Dubai is that police car in the city are fancier than any other country in the world. You may find many supercars of police such as Lamborghini, Mercedes, Ferrari, Bentley and others. The cars are used by the Dubai police to patrol their rich heritage and tourist destinations. 

5. Dubai has the world’s Largest Suspended Aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium Tank is the world’s largest suspended aquarium tank that is located on the ground floor of Dubai Mall. Many exotic water creatures are kept in the tank such as Sand Tiger Sharks. You may spot around 33,000 aquatic animals that belong to more than 200 species. 

6. Dubai has the biggest Picture frame in the world

Apart from architectural marvels, Dubai boasts the biggest picture frame worldwide. The frame is 492 feet tall that towers above the skyline of the city. 

7. The famous Dubai Dino

Dubai has a 155 million years old fossils of Diplodocus Longus. It is more popularly called Dubai Dino which is displayed in the Dubai mall. 

8. You get paid if you lose weight in Dubai!

Dubai can prove ideal for you if you are planning to shed some extra pounds from your body. The city government pays 2 grams of gold to those citizens who shed 2 kilograms of weight according to body measuring criteria. 

9. Gold cars

We are well aware of the rich and lavish lives of Dubai inhabitants. To look extravagant, many citizens keep cars made out of solid gold. Amazing, isn’t it?

10. Dubai holds a gathering of the world

The Global village in Dubai is one of the seasonal events held in Dubai that takes place in cooler months. The event showcases the nation’s specialities in specialised fields like clothes, architecture and handicrafts. Because of various shopping options available, millions of tourists visit this even every year from across the globe. 

11. Dubai has an ancient village

In Dubai, one district name is Bur Dubai which is the oldest heritage place in the city named Bastakia Quarter. The village was built by the Persian merchants in the late 19th century and is preserved to date in the same manner when it was built.

12. Dubai food chain is endless

As discussed earlier, Dubai has some very exotic and luxurious cuisines. Dubai holds every popular food brand food that is served worldwide. So, Dubai can be a boon for foodies as well. 

13. Bus shelters in Dubai are air-conditioned

Since the temperature of the city rises to 50-55 degrees during the summer season, the government had arranged an air-conditioned bus shelter for travellers travelling on public transport. 

14. Dubai has Indoor Skiing

Although Dubai’s temperature remains sizzling hot most of the time in a year, the city has a skiing desert. You can enjoy indoor skiing at Dubai mall to escape scrunching heat.  

15. Dubai has the largest gold chain in the world

One of the crazy facts about Dubai is the Dubai Celebration Chain which is the largest gold chain in the world. The chain is 5km long and weighs 240 kgs. Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group created this chain to celebrate 20 years of the Dubai Shopping Festival. It took 45 days and more than 100 craftsmen to create this rich beauty. 

16. Dubai built the first 7-star hotel worldwide

Burj Al Arab is the first 7-star hotel worldwide and the fifth tallest building in the world. The hotel building looks like ship sail and has a helipad on its roof. The hotel is built on an artificial island which lies 280 m from the Jumeriah beach. 

17. Dubai follows a zero debt policy

People living in Dubai needs to clear off their debts within the specified time. Failing so can even lead to imprisonment or make the failed person fall under the criminal list. 

18. Dubai is the Crane Capital

Dubai was once called the crane capital worldwide as more than 25% of the world’s cranes worked for Dubai. Currently, only 20% of them works for the city which may soon rise post-COVID-19.

19. Dubai was a tax-free country previously

To enhance their citizen’s lives, Dubai did not levy any taxes on their citizens till 2018. This made many architects, engineers and other talented professionals settle in Dubai from all over the globe. 

20. Dubai has man-made islands

Dubai holds a record for many tall and giant man-made marvels along with the largest man-made island that was built in the year 2007. Palm Jumeriah is the largest artificial island that increased Dubai’s shoreline by about 520 km. the island has many residential apartments, hotels, malls, amusement parks and others. 

21. Dubai homes many exotic pets

Although most of the people worldwide keep pets such as cats, dogs and birds, people in Dubai have different kind of taste that suites their extravagant lives. Some of the common pets you may find in Dubai homes include tigers, lions, cheetahs among other big cats. 

22. World’s largest airport terminal is in Dubai

Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport is the largest airport terminal globally. The terminal is bigger than a shopping mall and has a five-star hotel too. Other than this, you may find some popular brands stores such as Apple, a large swimming pool, jacuzzi and gardens. The Dubai airport is the second busiest airport worldwide and has the fastest Wi-Fi connection speed than any other airport. 

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