9 Inexpensive Ways to Work Overseas

Don’t we all love to travel? But accumulating thousands of euros for that one trip to Amsterdam can seem challenging. So, if you do not have the resources to fly as much as you would like to, consider working abroad. Not only is it life-changing but also opens the doors to new opportunities around the world, giving you a new professional perspective. Your vocabulary and knowledge will skyrocket, and all those other soft skills would go through the roof with your cross-cultural qualifications. To top all of this, you end up making lifetime connections with people from around the world and lifelong memories. 

Here are 9 ways to work overseas.

1.   Go for Volunteering

Several organizations allow you to travel around the world to help other people in exchange for free accommodation, meals, and other incentives like free classes, etc. Although you’re not going to be compensated, you can have ample opportunity that benefits families, practice cross-cultural interaction, and resolve issues. Working with kids, animals, building, healthcare or environmental activities provides volunteer employment opportunities overseas. You learn valuable skills which might turn into a paying job later, relying on the volunteer program you select.

2.   Take up Seasonal Jobs

Travel with the seasons and operate in ski resorts, as a camping guide, on boats, in restaurants, or bars! There is a huge demand for temporary labor in every tourist-centric country. Make sure to apply for these jobs as early as you can, to get the spot before anyone else does. 

Australia, Canada, Norway, Austria, and New Zealand are great options for seasonal jobs.

3.   Work exchange 

This can be a budget-friendly way to work abroad and fly to participate in job exchanges. You could work for a person, organization, or corporation that has unique tasks for you. Your food and lodging are usually free, and you only have to take care of your visa and other documents. Food production, housekeeping, marketing, video editing, photography, or working in a hostel are the kinds of work you get for a job exchange.

4.   Become an instructor

There are hundreds of destinations across the globe, where you can quickly obtain work if you are a professional swimmer, rider, and want to become a coach (including Thailand, Bali, the Caribbean, and Cambodia). A great place to begin is to search for different companies with vacancies, but requesting directly at their agency is the easiest way to identify if there are career opportunities available. Further, bear in mind that cruise ships often need dive trainers too and you’re only starting up and searching for exposure when you go abroad, there will be loads of dive centers in North America.

5.   Become an au pair

If you have a passion for childcare, it might be the correct option for you to become an au pair. You usually get housing, food and a weekly paycheck to work as an au pair for 5 days/week. Utilize the weekends to travel across the country or nearby countries.

6.   Get a working holiday visa

If you do not want to stay abroad, you can consider obtaining a temporary visa/ working holiday visa, that enables people to work and travel for up to two years in certain countries. A work holiday visa does decide where you can work and live. However, there are no restrictions on traveling in that country.

7.   Work in a restaurant

Particularly in common backpacking and party locations, as well as big towns, such jobs are convenient to get. You can work as a waitstaff, restaurant worker, or dishwasher.

Also, tourists are becoming the cornerstone of the service industry in countries that have been operating holiday visas, and employment can also be easy to get. Likewise, consider applying to popular restaurants if you can speak the local language. Your linguistic talents are going to come in useful.

8.   Move overseas and search for a job

Until you find a decent job, moving to another country can be a challenge. Before you can get to the country of your choice, you can immediately apply for roles and maybe set up some interviews for when you return. You can use your degree, or skills to your advantage and take the experience of working in a corporate abroad. If you are comfortable experiencing unemployment for a month or so, this choice is fine. Even though it’s not an easy choice, it’s always worth a try. Consider applying in startups first rather than MNCs to increase your chances of employment.

9.   Teach your skills

Do not neglect your talents when you go abroad. If you are a singer, educate people on how to sing. If you are a dancer, give classes. Teach mindfulness, be a hairstylist, do counseling, cook etc; leverage your skill sets and monetize them. Do not be afraid to try out new things. Somewhere in your journey, there is an individual who wishes to acquire the skills you possess. Educate them and receive money for it.

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