Antonio Resines: Where Is He Now in 2022? (8 Life Facts)

Antonio Resines

“I wasn’t meant to be an actor, but I was,” said the Spanish film actor one day. He also wasn’t meant to be born as according to his Wikipedia page, he surprised his parents who already had 5 kids! Nonetheless, stardom and fame were something this Spanish film and television actor would conquer. He would go on to become known for his performance in comedy films and series such as Los Serrano (2003), Celda 211(2009), and Lucky Star (1997). The actor and producer is currently still battling his illness with Covid. In this article, we take a look at some lesser-known things about his life and career that might interest fans to go back and re-watch his work! 

Antonio Resines: Whatever Happened To The Spanish Actor?

1. Antonio Resines first took up Law before acting:

He was interested in studying Law and Antonio Resines moved to Madrid, but left it in the first year and enrolled at the Complutense University of Information Sciences, where he was a rugby player and actor in short films directed by Fernando Trueba, Óscar Ladoire and others. 

After participating in several short films, he made his debut on the big screen with the film ‘La Paloma Azul’ (1980), and that same year he was directed by newcomer Fernando Trueba in the comedy ‘Ópera prima’. 

2. Family and childhood:

The Spanish film actor came into this world on August 7, 1954, in Torrelavega, Cantabria, Spain. Antonio Resines was born to José Ramón Fernández Quevedo who was a lawyer, and Amalia Resines Ruiz de Rebolledo who was a housewife. The future film actor was the second of five siblings. 

3. Film debut:

He made his film debut in 1979 with Opera prima, directed by Fernando Trueba, subsequently intervening in films such as La linea del cielo, Fernando Colomo, 1983. He naturally represented a type of man with whom many Spaniards identified. He took part in television series and even found time to take part in popular success films (Happy Life, 1987) practically every year. 

4. In 1997, he shot The Lucky Star by Ricardo Franco, a life-changing role:

In 1990, he joined the cast of the television series ‘Eva y Adán, matrimonial agency’, and three years later he became one of the protagonists of the television fiction ‘The thieves go to the office’, where he plays Emilio during 76 episodes. However, his career took off in 1997, after starring in ‘The Lucky Star’, along with Jordi Mollá and Maribel Verdú, for which he won the Goya at Best Leading Actor. This same year he appeared in Secondary Roads by Emilio Martínez Lázaro, based on the novel by Ignacio Martínez de Pisón, and El tiempo de la feliz. 

5. Continued film career and success:

A year later, he returned under the command of Fernando Trueba in ‘The girl of your eyes’, alongside Penélope Cruz, and for which he received a Goya nomination for best actor. That same year, he returned to the small screen with the series ‘At eleven at home’. 

In 2002, Enrique Urbizu offered him the leading role in the thriller ‘La Caja 507’, alongside José Coronado. He also acted in; Killer Marujas and Two Tough Guys. The same year, he participated in the television series Los Serrano, in which he played Diego Serrano over 145 episodes. A year later he acted in the film directed by the actor Jesús Bonilla, El Oro De Moscow. In 2005, he appeared in Other days they will come, sharing a cast with Cecilia Roth and Fernando Guillén. 

In 2009, he joined the cast of the award-winning Cell 211, directed by Daniel Monzón, in which Resines plays a prison policeman receiving his third Goya Award nomination. In 2010 he made his debut in Mexico on the telenovela Soledad and two years later, he starred alongside Jesús Bonilla in the comedy ‘La daga de Rasputín’.

In 2015, he filmed a Police Investigation. On November 25, 2016, La Reina de España, directed by Fernando Trueba, a sequel to The Girl of Your Eyes, premiered. In 2018 he premiered in the cinema “Mi Amor Perdido” (2018), playing a supporting role with Dani Rovira and Michelle Jenner ; the comedy starring Silvia Abascal, “Become Older and Other Problems” (2018) ; and “Ola De Crimes” (2018), black humor directed by Gracia Querejeta with Antonio playing a police inspector.

In 2019, he participated in comedic films such as“La Pequena Suiza” (2019) and “Si Yo Fuera Rico” (2019). That year, he also made his directorial debut with the documentary film “Historias De Nuestro Cine” (2019), a film co-directed by Ana Pérez-Lorente.

In 2020 he appeared in the comedy “Hasta Que La Boda Nos Separe” (2020), in the thriller “Origen Secretos” (2020), and premiered on television the series “Benidorm” (2020). In 2021 he was part of the cast of the comedies “García y García” (2021) and “El Club Del Paro” (2021). 

6. President of the Film Academy:

On February 19, 2015, Enrique González Macho resigned as president of the Film Academy. In his second term at the head of the entity, he was accompanied by Antonio Resines as first vice president. The Board of Directors of the entity decided to appoint Antonio as acting president after the resignation of González. 

In 2016, he quit being the President of the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

7. Antonio Resines’s wife and child:

In 1981 Antonio Resines married Marisol de Mateo. He is the father of Ricardo Fernández de Mateo, born in 1983. After separating from his first wife, he became involved with the assistant director Estefanía Rueda, whom he met during the filming of Secondary Roads. Since 1992, he has been romantically linked to Ana Pérez-Lorente Ynzenga. 

8. Where is Antonio Resines in 2022?

Antonio Resines improved little by little from the coronavirus infection that led him to the Intensive Care Unit, where he was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. He was admitted after being infected with coronavirus just a few days before receiving the third dose of the vaccine. 

But as the new year came around, Antonio Resines has improved and is already responding to the messages that his friends and family send him.

So the progress between December 23rd, 2021 (when he was taken to the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid) and January 11th, 2022 is that Antonio Resines’s health is looking more hopeful than ever. 

Above all, because he begins to respond over the phone to the many concerns about his state of health – he struggles to breathe as his lungs are bad. Resines has suffered from colorectal cancer and angina pectoris, in addition to suffering from arthritis; Three diseases that have weakened his health and with the Covid-19 infection, his family is attentive to each step of his evolution.

But the important thing is that he is conscious and improving. 

“Before I forget, I want to send a big hug to a friend, Antonio Resines. He has had a pretty bad time, but he’s coming out of it so all my energy and encouragement from here will go forward”, commented fellow Spanish actor Javier Gutiérrez.

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