How to Book a Fancy Mobile Number With Reliance Jio Connectivity?

jio fancy numbers

With time, mobile numbers become a part of your identity. So, you must make your identity as unique as possible. The various sellers online offer fancy mobile numbers at unbelievable prices that can be used for both prepaid and post-paid mobile connections. With a wide range of number availability, Jio users can now enjoy fancy mobile numbers series that can be self-chosen and based on individual needs. At present, Reliance Jio itself does not offer its subscribers with fancy numbers but you can avail yourself the same with the help of local agencies or online communities. Read below to find how you can get yourself a Jio connection with your preferred mobile number.

Why should you choose a Jio fancy mobile number?

  • Fancy numbers can be chosen according to your numerology and lucky number.
  • You can match your mobile number with special dates like birthdays and anniversary.
  • You can match your mobile number with your bank account number to memorise it and share it with your business partners or clients as well.
  • Your family members can pick similar mobile numbers that are based on the same pattern thereby forming a unique family identity.
  • Jio’s fancy mobile number is more convenient to use and easy to memorise.

How is fancy number sought by online companies?

Different websites follow different techniques that help them to find a fancy mobile number according to the buyer’s preference. If you enter a lucky number like 6, the total of the mobile number provided to you will be equal to 6. Similarly, if you enter your birth date 11/06/2000, the company will find an appropriate number that has your birth date like 7011062000.

Numerology based fancy mobile numbers include those numbers which consider your numerology factors that can be sorted with the help of astrologers. Lucky numbers can be included in your fancy mobile numbers too just like area pin code and your car number. Many people seek to have similar mobile numbers for their family members or office colleagues. Once you enter your preference, the websites search for the best available options and provide you with an available fancy mobile number list.

How to get Jio fancy mobile number online?

To get a fancy mobile number with Jio connectivity, you will have to buy the number from online websites like that offer buyers with best available numbers at premium and discounted prices. Once you start searching, you may find many genuine websites that have dedicated online stores in which you are allowed to enter your preference or make a choice from the available mobile numbers list. Just go through the list and you may find the best number for yourself without much hassle. For some unique numbers, prices are kept higher than the usual but if you are lucky enough, you might get your preferred Jio fancy mobile number for as low as 1000-3000 INR.

After selecting your favourite mobile number, you will be asked to make payments as reflected on the screen below the selected mobile number. After paying the amount, UPC or Unique Porting Code is provided to the buyers along with the purchase invoice within 24 hours. After you receive the code, visit a nearby Jio store or any telecom shop offering Jio sim cards with the UPC. They might ask you for a few documents required for a new user’s verification before providing a new Jio sim card. The new mobile number can get activated within 2-3 days after initial verification is done.

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