Interesting facts about Dachshund Bobblehead you should know


We all have seen bobbleheads in many places, especially in cars, to encourage support for sporting teams and famous figurines. A bobblehead has its huge head connected to the body with the help of a spring or a hook. The connection is made in a way that a little movement or a tap causes the head to move around or bobble. Do you know that bobbleheads have different names in different countries? While many people call them wobblers, others call them wacky wobbler or just a nodder.

But what is so special about the dachshund bobblehead? Dachshund is a dog breed that is also known as a wiener dog. They are short-legged scent dogs who were first found in Germany 300 years ago. This dog breed is perfect for hunting or burrowing critters owing to their small size. Frequent travelers like to keep dachshunds as a pet since they prove to be a comfortable co-passenger while children love them for their cute faces.

Dachshund bobblehead in Google Doodle

Google created an interactive doodle with a dachshund bobblehead on the 30th of September 2020 to show their love for dachshund bobblehead. The toy earned its fame while enjoying the car ride in the German countryside for years and now, it appears on Google Doodle’s official site on an interactive page. Google stated that the Germans made the first dachshund bobblehead in 1970 when people preferred keeping car accessories on their dashboards. The dachshund bobblehead, more popularly known as wobbling dachshund or Wackeldackel moved its large spring-mounted head in the car amazed car passengers. A German store held a bobblehead campaign in the 1990s to restore the legendary toy’s global presence. In eight months, more than 5 lakh bobbleheads were purchased by people!

There is a museum named National Dachshund Museum in Germany

In 2018, the first official dachshund bobblehead museum was opened in Germany’s Passau in Bavaria which not only features large-headed bobblehead toys but also sells them. According to the National Dachshund Museum, “No other dog appears to be so renowned in the entire globe,”. A German gas station chain Aral’s owner Deutsche Welle who had used a dachshund bobblehead in one of his commercial campaigns in 1990 said, “I see the cosmos like a dachshund.”

The museum site claims that the dachshund is one dog breed that seems to be the most popular as compared to other dog breeds. One of the museum founders also said that they wanted to give away this dog to a home where people love to share their joy. Such is the fame of dachshunds and even beloved dachshund bobblehead. Most likely, this loved breed will continue to win hearts for decades or for centuries to come.

Dachshund named Waldi as an official mascot in the 1972 Munich Olympics

Waldi, a name given to a dachshund dog breed made history in the Summer Olympics Games. The Olympic mascot featured various colours while the body had stripes featuring Olympic colours. The book ‘The Olympic Marathon 2000 says that the 1972 mascot shape corresponds to the marathon route with the dog’s head to the west and the route starting from the neck. Athletics had to run clockwise. A mascot named Waldi born on 15th December 1969 at the Munich Games Organizing Committee Christmas Party has an interesting story of its origin. Some of the attendees were provided with sheets of paper, modelling clay and crayons with which they made their mascot design for the 1972 Munich Olympics!

Wackeldackel is the German name given to the dachshund bobblehead

In Germany, the dachshund bobblehead is also known as Wackledackel due to an interesting fact. Wackledackel means a person nodding his head in favour of his master in the German language. Since the dachshund bobblehead keeps nodding his head dutifully whenever a car takes a twist or turn, the dachshund bobblehead is also called a Wackeldackel in Germany. In the 1970s Germans began using car accessories in the form of small toys that were shaped like a dachshund and made their head large and attached to the body with the help of a spring. The figure could move even due to the slightest touch.

The United States celebrates National Bobblehead Day each year on January 7

National Bobblehead Day is celebrated each year on the 7th of January in the US since 2015. Many people celebrate this day, especially those who are fascinated with the world of bobbleheads and their interesting past. If you want to celebrate this day, you can:

  • Start collecting a new one this day or share the pictures of the ones you own.
  • Gift a bobblehead to those your friends or colleagues.
  • Visit the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum.
  • Use #NationalBobbleheadDay to post something about bobbleheads on social media.

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