Interesting Facts About Perry Mattfeld You Probably Didn’t Know

Perry Mattfeld

Perry Mattfeld is one of the most renowned American actresses who can be seen as Mel in the show “Shameless” and blind Murphy in “In the Dark”. She is one actress who started her career in the entertainment industry at the tender age of 5. Through her hard work and acting skills, Perry has earned fame and a net worth of around $5 million. Additionally to acting, Perry is a good dancer, which gives her an athletic body. She has a remarkable height of 5 feet 10 inches which is far more than many of the Hollywood actresses. We have listed a few interesting facts about Perry Mattfeld you probably didn’t know. 

Perry started her career at five as a ballet dancer

At an age when we learn how to talk and meet people, Perry already started her professional career in the entertainment industry. Ballet dance was her primary form of dance until she was nine, after which she was introduced to other styles. It was her instructor’s original musical production, Alex in Wonderland, that she performed in the MS Allen World Premiere. Perry had also worked for more than 164 shows in Grove theatre in Los Angeles.

Perry Mattfeld’s father is a lawyer

Perry Mattfeld is the child of a well-known lawyer in Southern California. He was a participant of several law firms in the area earlier in his career, and he earned his JD degree from Loyola Law School. Kenneth Mattfeld was a naval architect before becoming an attorney, and he went on to become a Deputy City Attorney, and that is an achievement.

Perry Mattfeld is highly educated and a bilingual

As discussed, Perry’s father was a lawyer and a degree holder. I believe, this influenced Perry as well and hence, she was a bright child at the University of California in the US. She developed her acting skills at the School of Dramatic Arts. Apart from it, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film Theory degree and B.F.A. She graduated from the LA Polytechnic Institute with a good grade.

Perry Mattfeld is a highly intellectual person and can speak two different languages fluently. One is American English while the other language is French. Perry possesses this interesting characteristic very rarely found in other Hollywood actresses.

Perry was a cheerleader and a model

After learning so many interesting facts about Perry Mattfeld, I am sure this won’t surprise you much. Like a typical American girl, Perry was in a cheerleader team whom sports lovers used to watch enthusiastically. This was the time when she studied at the University of California. She was also featured in Sports Illustrated as Cheerleader of the week.

When Perry’s acting career was in progress, she tried modelling as well. Since she used to get minor roles in the beginning stages, Perry wanted to do something that could pay off her own bills. Therefore, she joined modelling professionally for a brief period but always kept it part-time. As a result of school contacts who also pursued modelling careers, she became a model after she graduated from USC.

Perry Mattfeld became a professional actor in 2006

Although Perry Mattfeld is been working in the entertainment industry since she was 5, her acting career started in 2006. She got her first minor role in the Megan Mullaly Show after which she got many roles in movies, series and shows. Her first big break was Shameless released in 2011 along with Wizards of Waverly Place, American Cheerleader and Conan. Her recent series, In the Dark, is also a big hit where Perry plays the role of a blind girl.

Perry worked very hard for her role as Murphy in ‘In the Dark’ series

People who have watched In the Dark wonder whether Perry is blind in real life or not. Well, this is because the actress worked meticulously for her role as a visually impaired person in the show. In her interviews, Perry has said that she was not concerned about her looks or what people will think of her, rather, she focused entirely on her acting and got engrossed in the role. She knew it was difficult to act like a blind person, but this was something she was trained for i.e., preparing for challenging roles. She spent hours working with the show’s blind consultant named Laurie Bernstein and was very touched by the lives of blind people.

Perry Mattfeld has a boyfriend, Andrew Wright

For those who still think Perry Mattfeld is single, she is in love with Andrew Wright. Perry’s Instagram posts indicate a romantic relationship with Andrew, although the couple hasn’t declared their relationship status. Andrew was a baseball pitcher in the Cincinnati Reds Baseball team. Now, he is working with a betting company named TVG. The two looks excellent together, although it is a piece of sad news for Perry Mattfeld’s fans.  

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