Joseph Burkett: Who is Lara Logan’s Husband? Here’s The Truth!

Joseph Burkett

Joseph Burkett is the husband of South African war reporter Lara Logan. The female journalist was working as a war correspondent with CBS News from 2002 to 2018. Logan currently works for Fox Nation, a subscription-based streaming service operated by Fox News. 

Most recently in November 2021, while commenting for Fox News, Joseph Burkett’s wife Lara compared Dr.Anthony Fauci to Nazi Josef Mengele. When discussing the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2, she said: “And so at that point what you see on Dr. Fauci is he represents Josef Mengele, Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who experimented on Jews during WWII and in concentration camps, and I’m talking about people all over the world say.” Several prominent Jewish groups and the Auschwitz Museum condemned her comments.

As you can see Joseph Burkett’s wife has been in the headlines since the 2000s for many controversial and serious subjects including her brutal sexual assault in Egypt. But her husband Joseph Burkett’s life is way more private. Here’s what we dug up about his life. 

Joseph Burkett’s Career and Marriage To Lara Logan Explained!

Joseph Burkett’s marriage to Lara Logan:

Joseph Burkett and his wife Lara Logan have been married for over 10 years and together they raise 3 children.

Initially, Lara Logan was married to Jason Siemon, a professional basketball player in the UK, but the marriage ended in divorce.

In 2008 she married Joseph Burkett, whom she had previously known years before in Afghanistan. He now works as a US government defense contractor from Texas.

They live in Washington, DC, with their son Joseph (born December 2008), their daughter Lola (born March 2010), and Burkett’s daughter Ashley, from a previous marriage.

What does Joseph Burkett do?

He is a former Army sergeant and Joseph Burkett was a one-time employee of a private intelligence outfit hired by the Pentagon. It is also known that he was a US government defense contractor from Texas. It seems his net worth is somewhere in the millions. 

His wife Lara on the other hand has been working for CBS News since 2002, where she is chief correspondent for international policy (foreign affairs, foreign policy). She was notably a war correspondent, embarked alongside the American armed forces, in theaters of war in Afghanistan and Iraq. In October 2012, Joseph Burkett’s wife Lara delivered a speech before the Association for Better Government’s annual luncheon in which she harshly criticized the Obama Administration’s statements on the War in Afghanistan and other conflicts in the Arab world. In particular, Logan criticized the Obama Administration’s claims that the Taliban were weakening in Afghanistan, calling those claims “a big lie” made in preparation for ending the US military role in that country. Joseph Burkett’s wife also stated that she expected the United States to “take revenge” for the 2012 Benghazi attack, in which US diplomatic personnel were persecuted and killed in Libya.

But on November 8, 2013, Logan went to CBS This Morning to apologize for an inaccurate 60-minute report on the Benghazi attack, which had aired on October 27. She said an investigation found the source of much of her report to be inaccurate and attributed it to Dylan Davies, manager of the local guard force in the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi. Logan said she  had lied about the information, but insisted that they investigate her credibility and trust things like the photographs and documents she released. 

In hindsight, Logan said they learned that the story Davies told did not match what she told federal investigators. “You know that the most important thing for each person in 60 minutes is the truth,” she said in the apology on the morning show. “And today the truth is that we made a mistake. And that is ah … that is very disappointing for any journalist. That is very disappointing for me.” Logan added: “Nobody likes to admit they made a mistake. But if you do, you have to stand up and take responsibility. – And you have to say you were wrong. And in this case, we were wrong.” 

Almost 20 days later Joseph Burkett’s wife was suspended from work due to errors in the Benghazi report.

Al Ortiz, the Executive Director of Standards and Practices for CBS News, wrote in a memo: “Logan delivered a speech in which she took a strong public position arguing that the US government was misrepresenting the Al Qaeda threat and urged that the US should take action in response to the Benghazi attack. From the Standards perspective of CBS News, there is a conflict in taking a public position on the handling of the Benghazi government and Al Qaeda, while continuing to report on the story. 

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