Planning a Trip to Ooty? Here’s What You Shouldn’t Miss!


Ooty, one of Tamil Nadu’s most well-liked hill towns, has a lot to provide in terms of amazing scenery and interesting events. Here is a list of things you should not miss while making travel plans to Ooty, one of the most beautiful hill stations near Bangalore.

When to Visit Ooty?

Choosing the best time to visit this stunning hill station is one of the initial steps in planning your vacation to Ooty. Ooty is an all-year vacation spot, although summer is the ideal season to go there. You may avoid the hot weather of the nearby cities because the temperature is mild and pleasant there. Although it may be cold, the rainy season is also an excellent time to go to Ooty since you can experience the area’s beautiful flora. Winter is undoubtedly not the ideal season to visit Ooty if you don’t enjoy the cold. When the temperature drops to Six degrees Celsius, it becomes too chilly to go sightseeing and take part in local events.

How to Get to Ooty

  • Airport: Coimbatore International Airport, located 88 kilometres from Ooty, is the nearest airport. All the main cities in India have direct flights linking this location to them.
  • Rail: Mettupalyam, located 40 km from Ooty, is the closest railway station. Trains to this station are available from several nearby cities, including Bengaluru, Chennai, Mysore, and others. The best option for people coming from a bit further distant is Coimbatore Railway Station. To go to Ooty from here, use a local bus or a private taxi.
  • Road: From near cities, you can choose to drive to Ooty. In addition, both public and private buses travel to Ooty from cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Mysore, etc.

Accommodation Options in Ooty

  • Hostels

While there used to be none in Ooty for a few years, that has changed. For cheap backpackers and lone travellers, there are a couple of ideal guesthouses. You might select this Hostel brand to stay in throughout your time in Ooty. Most of the hostels are between 400 and 600 INR and offer a great place to meet other backpackers and lone travellers.

  • Hotels and Resorts

There are several excellent hotels and resorts in this area whether you’re travelling in a group or prefer some quiet. For between 600 and 1500 per night, you may easily get a decent hotel room for two people. Delightz Inn Hotel is undoubtedly a fantastic spot to stay if you wish to bypass the city and stay in a more peaceful section of Ooty. 

Where to Eat in Ooty

You must try the Idli and Dosa since they are affordable and delicious here. A decent dosa or idli dish may be purchased for between 50 and 70 Indian rupees. And the choices you find in dosa will surprise you and force you to taste every variety of dosa that is offered here. Along with its mouth-watering South Indian cuisine, Ooty is well known for its chocolates. Additionally, Moddy’s is among the most well-liked chocolate manufacturers in Ooty.

Other Alternatives: They also have a few other shops, including CCD, Dominos, etc. So you can always go there if you’re in the mood for pizza or coffee. To truly experience Ooty, thougwould advise sticking to the regional dishes.

Travelling in and around Ooty

  1. Buses

Taking a bus is the ideal way to discover the authentic Ooty as well as other Nilgiri Hills locations. There is an excellent transport network in this area, therefore there is a bus for every location close to Ooty, including Kotagiri, Coonoor, and many others. Buses are also affordable and convenient when you know where you’re going. Having to schedule your day here in advance is the one disadvantage of taking the bus. Since most buses only run at specific times and frequently involve waiting, you can find yourself wasting a significant amount of time here. The cost of a bus from the Ootacamund bus stop to Dodabetta is around 10 INR, whereas the cost of a bus from Kotagiri is approximately 25 INR.

  1. Cabs

If you don’t have a long amount of time, getting a cab is the finest and most practical option to tour Ooty. When you travel in a group, it might be cost-effective, but if you are going alone or with just one companion, it can be pricey. It would cost you roughly 2,000 INR and require at least 6-7 hours to take a trip to places like Avalanche Body of water, Emerald Lake, etc. It will also cost 2,000 INR to take a tour of the Kotagiri side, which would take almost the full day. Therefore, if you do decide to take a cab, be sure to split the bill with a few other people or it may end up being too pricey for you.

  1. Walking

It is the ideal method to discover a town if you’re staying there while on vacation. After an hour of walking, you may easily reach most of the locations. Additionally, you may pause wherever you like along the trip to take in the views of the mountains and tea fields.

  1. Autos

Using an auto is another quick and handy means of transportation for city travellers. It is excellent for short trips, but it may also be very expensive. However, the ideal method to discover this hill station if you don’t wish to spend a lot of walking is to take an auto.

Shopping in Ooty

Of course, one must be careful about your purchases if you are travelling to Ooty on a tight budget. Fortunately, Ooty is known for a few goods that are available to get here at a fair price, such as handcrafted chocolates, tea, herbal oils, and more. Ooty is among the top destinations to get wool clothing when it comes to clothing. Everything from hats to gloves is available here at a reasonable price. Ooty is home to many shops that sell a wide selection of teas & coffee goods. These are available in a variety of flavours, including chocolate, black, green, spice, jasmine, and cardamom


Given that there are several incredible things to explore in Ooty, you could easily spend a few days there and yet not have enough time. Therefore, be sure to explore these off-the-beaten-path locations and delight in the Queens of Hill Stations. Believe me, a vacation to Ooty may be refreshing. Additionally, it might help you in having a break from the hectic schedule for a healthier lifestyle.

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