Renting A House? Read This Before You Say Yes

Renting A House

Whenever people look to rent a house, some of the things they consider strongly include the rent, the location, transport options, schools, hospitals and other services nearby. While how the house looks from the outside is important, for a tenant, the insides of a house are far more critical, especially in the long run. In order not to run into unpleasant surprises once the lease is already signed we will talk about what things you should consider before taking a flat for rent in Bahrain. Let’s get started.

Things To Consider Before Renting A House

In general, you should thoroughly check a house before renting. Just glancing is not enough. You might miss certain things if you just glance over the house. You should see the finishing quality. Check the masonry, see if the walls are painted properly. Check for water damage and see if the plumbing works properly. Check for things like hot water, plugs, air conditioning, shutters, doors, drawers, the screen, shower etc. Make sure that you are checking everything that will later have to be used and it is important that it works correctly. Now, let’s take a look at the different aspects one by one.

The general condition of the house

It is not the same to rent an apartment that has just been renovated than another that is old, has cracks and humidity and then work will have to be done. The bathroom is one of the areas of the house in which special attention must be paid when looking for dampness, but these can be present throughout the house. Not only are they aesthetically unpleasant, but living with humidity affects your health.

Another element to take into account is the state of the paint, the furniture, the level of insulation of windows and doors, or the proper functioning of taps and light switches. A renovated house or one with modifications that guarantee good insulation will be more economical in supplies since it will have greater energy efficiency.

The orientation

Orientation is one of the most important aspects. To maximize the hours of natural light, the best option is a south orientation. Obviously, you can’t always choose a home with this specific characteristic, although geolocation apps like Google Maps allow us to know perfectly on a visit if the rooms or the entire property is in a good orientation for light.

Appliances, plugs and network connectivity

One of the most necessary checks is to make sure that the electricity, water, gas and heating installations are working properly. It is also highly recommended to ask the owner for the instruction manuals of the technical devices that require it to know how to act in the event of a possible problem. It is also important to check the number and location of the plugs, to avoid having the house full of extension cords. 

Also, if you have time, check that the main plugs in the house are working properly. And by the way, it doesn’t hurt either to check the Internet connection and telephone coverage, to avoid having to move around the house, or even being forced to leave it every time you want to make a call.


A balcony or terrace and a room as a work area are some of the rooms that have been highly valued since the start of the pandemic. Looking at the distribution of the house is basic to know if it is functional and if it adapts to your needs. It is important to check if the property has spaces that consume square meters, but that cannot be enabled, such as corridors or terraces that do not offer the possibility of putting some chairs or a clothesline. Checking the lighting and ventilation of the rooms is another factor that you should pay attention to when visiting the house, so it is better to do it during the hours of the day when there is still natural light.


Not being able to rest in your own home is one of the worst situations that a tenant can face. For this reason, even if you are only going to spend a short time in the house, it is important to inspect the area in case it is noisy, see if the house has double glazing, who are the neighbors and ask about this aspect.

Expenses and conditions

You should focus on the most common bureaucratic issues, check the rental contract, its validity, in what period the rent could rise, what expenses are included in the rent, when it has to be paid, etc. While you also have to make sure of the expenses included and not in the rental income and an approximate current monthly consumption. As well as having the full guarantee that to date all invoices are up to date with payment and how the formula will be to pay them in the future.

Furnishing status

Whether or not the apartment is furnished is important because the price to be paid for the rent will depend on it. That a flat is furnished largely determines the final rental price, reaching percentages of even 20% of the total figure. It is important that the tenant check the furniture before signing the contract to verify that it is in good condition and make an inventory of all the furniture and the current condition before moving in. The furniture is considered to be new if it is less than five years old. Check if the furniture is cozy and matches your lifestyle and if the house has enough cabinets and storage spaces.

When looking for a flat there is a question that always arises: is it better to rent a furnished or empty flat? If you are a tenant you will find interesting advantages by renting a fully equipped apartment. Or maybe you prefer to put it to your liking. Let’s delve a little deeper.

Why do people look to rent a furnished apartment?

The reality is that, according to the data that can be collected from flat rental and sale portals across Bahrain, there are a lot of furnished rental homes in the country, compared to those that are unfurnished. This responds, on the one hand, to the existence of landlords who rent their first home and move to another for work reasons, transfers, purchase of another larger home, etc. And on the other, due to the demand for mobility of the people who live for rent, whose lifestyle involves moving from one place to another with the minimum of belongings.

Renting a furnished apartment allows tenants to save on expensive moves and the initial investment in furniture and appliances. This is practically impossible when we talk about young people who become independent from the family home. In the case of divorced couples, the same thing happens. As well as students or people with professions that involve traveling often.

Reasons to rent a furnished apartment

A rented apartment with furniture is ready to move into. The tenant does not have to worry about buying furniture or appliances, something that delays the date of entry into the home.

Renting a furnished apartment saves money. Although in the long run a tenant intends to own their home and acquire their own furniture, it is a good option to start living independently without having to spend large amounts of money. Despite the fact that rents for furnished properties are higher, if the tenant makes a calculation between what he would invest in furnishing it and what it costs more per month, it is possible that he will pay for it.

A flat with furniture and appliances is the best alternative to share a flat. A very widespread way of life that is not limited only to the student stage, but can extend beyond thirty, and that many people choose voluntarily.

People who live in a certain place temporarily, for work or as a couple, cannot afford to furnish a home that they are going to leave in one or two years. They may even own their own furnished home in another city or country.

If you are waiting to buy a home, and you are looking to rent a furnished apartment as a transition stage until you find the definitive home.

If you are a landlord and you are going to rent your home, do not do it as if it were your grandmother’s storage room. Offer a flat with furniture in good condition, and never half-furnished. Renters are looking for fully equipped or empty homes. At most, only with appliances. It is also important to be flexible and offer the possibility of removing some furniture if the tenant is interested and it will provide you with stability for some time. Don’t forget, the tenant will be the person who is going to stay in the house, so if you can make a slight change to the house so that it suits the tenant more, you can have a better long term deal with your tenant. After all, it won’t be fun for you to keep looking for new tenants every year. 

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