The Society Season 2: A 2022 Update!

The Society Season 2

The Society season 2: What was going to happen in the second act? The Society, the mysterious teen drama that chronicled the adventures of a group of teenagers who suddenly find themselves in a small town where all the adults have disappeared, was unexpectedly canceled.

Christopher Keyser, the mind behind “The Society” has given an interview where he was very upset with the decision he has made on Netflix since he had worked hard to comply with the biosafety protocols to return to recording, but in the end, this did not happen. In the middle of this interview, Keyser gave himself the freedom to tell how the story was going to continue and in this article, we are going to tell you what the story was going to be.

The Society Season 2: This Is The Plot The Creator Wanted

The Society season 2 plot: 

Christopher Keyser, the creator of the series, has told how he was going to continue the story in the second season. 

At the end of the first season, when the city ran out of food and supplies, a group of explorers found arable land and animals wandering in an open field. Christopher Keyser has explained that the second season would have revolved around the “establishment of what we call the ‘outpost’ and the eventual conflict between that outpost and the city for control”. That context would have provoked “a descent into greater darkness; the rules are not followed” in the plot.

The abrupt end of The Society completely disoriented the creator and the writers who had already written all the scripts (the production of the second season was due to start in March and the new episodes were due to arrive in the second half of 2020). Although Keyser called Netflix’s decision ” extremely upsetting “, he spoke with the American media Variety where he admitted that he wanted to share with the fans of the series what they would see in the new episodes: 

“We spend a lot of time talking about the reasons why the West Ham boys have become the future of West Ham. What was the cause of that, how could they return home.” And he acknowledges his regret because he had originally envisioned “The Society” to have five seasons.

The writer explained that the second season would develop a plot that was only hinted at in the first season finale, in which the protagonists discovered an open field with arable land, a crucial resource for the city. 

The new episodes, then, would focus on: “Create what we call the ‘outpost’ and the possible conflict between the outpost and the city for control. Season two would have raised a lot of big questions about how we treat each other and how we create caste and subclass systems. It would have had big political implications, but also new relationships and it would have answered a lot of questions about who was in power and who wasn’t.”

Also during The Hollywood Reporter’s coverage confirming the season 2 renewal, series creator Chris Keyser offered more plot details towards where the show was headed thematically:

“[S]eason [one] is very much about men versus women, and it’s only briefly about race, but I think you can expect the conversation about class and race to continue to come up. All these things must be litigated again in a world in which there is nothing to give. We hope, over time, that if we’re lucky enough to get a second season, explore all the questions about social contracts that we take for granted.”

Why was The Society season 2 canceled? 

Netflix surprised its most loyal followers by announcing that they were canceling The Society. 

The series, in fact, had been given the go-ahead for a second season last summer, before Netflix decided, just a few days ago, to reverse its decision due to “Covid-19 circumstances” by not proceeding to the second series of episodes. Following the news, creator Christopher Keyser commented on its cancellation and decided to reveal what the plans were for season two and what would happen to the West Ham boys.

There is no doubt that this decision has been very difficult since it has left fans of these series very dissatisfied, which are added to the long list of productions that only have one season on the streaming platform. 

Christopher Keyser added that he couldn’t pretend he was surprised by Netflix’s decision. “It was meant to be filmed mostly in the summer, but we were heading into the fall and winter. And then Netflix made the choice that it was too much. That is, I guess, what happened”. Still, he doesn’t hide that he is very devastated to lose the series.

Unfortunately, we will never see the development of this new season. The only season of the series is available on Netflix.

Netflix’s side of the story and explanation:

In the case of ‘The Society,’ the possibility of shooting the new episodes was valued, while in the case of the scripts, they were already being worked on and everything was already well on the way. Finally, the company also released the following statement explaining its decision: 

“We have made the difficult decision not to go ahead with the second season of ‘The Society’ and we are disappointed to have to make these decisions due to the circumstances created by COVID-19, and are extremely grateful to its creators, including Chris Keyser, Marc Webb and Pavlina Hatoupis for ‘The Society’, and all the writers, actors and crews who worked tirelessly to make these series for all of our members around the world”. 

“Apparently, the main culprit is not so much the coronavirus as the necessary protective measures were going to give rise to an unexpected increase in the budget and it is seen that Netflix was no longer compensated. In addition, the difficulty in balancing the availability date and the needs of all those involved, especially the actors, has also played an essential role”, Netflix continued. 

Don’t be surprised that something like this happens in the near future with many more series that were as promising as The Society season 2! 

Who would have come back for The Society Season 2?

Season 1 of The Society covered a lot of the fundamental story over the course of 10-hour-long episodes. We follow a group of high school juniors and seniors from the sleepy town of West Ham, Connecticut who are supposed to go on a school field trip only to return to their hometown for vague reasons. Returning home, the teens realize they were the only ones left with no parents, government, or discernible social structures in place. They also discover that all the roads out of the city were mysteriously blocked by forests, as if their city had fallen into the middle of nowhere. Over the course of six months, the teens work to rebuild their lives, creating a new society in which they attempt to form a governing body, ration food, and help each other through an otherwise confusing and upsetting situation. Things quickly spiral out of control as tough decisions, betrayals, and power plays are made, and cabals form, leading to deaths, arrests, and even more confusion.

Most, if not all, of the cast were expected to return, except for Rachel Keller, Seth Meriwether, and Chloë Levine. (The characters played by these actors were killed off in Season 1.)

That includes:

Kathryn Newton as (Allie), Gideon Adlon (Becca), Sean Berdy Sam), Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Helena), José Julián (Gordie), Jacques Colimon (Will), Toby Wallace (Campbell), Jack Mulhern (Grizz), Olivia DeJonge (Elle), Alex Fitzalan (Harry), Kristine Froseth (Kelly), Emilio García-Sánchez (Jason), Spencer House (Clark), and Grace Victoria Cox (Lexie).

What questions were never answered in season 2?

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for The Society season 1 ending! 

One thing for sure is that The Society season 1 left viewers in some very interesting places! 

The biggest question that needs to be answered is: where exactly are all of West Ham’s parents and community leaders? The final scene of season 1 quickly brought this about, exposing that Harry’s mother (and one of the town leaders) were going to a library to read. Peter Panto the children of West Ham. Other adults stand in the back, listening, all wearing yellow ribbons as a sign of remembrance. The camera cuts to a plaque on the library wall that lists all the names of the teenagers who have lived in isolation during season 1. The plaque implies that the adults believe their teenage children are dead or that it is all part of a lie. built to explain. why the teenagers are not with them. We still need major answers about where these West Ham adults and children are.

The other big question season 2 needed to answer is why is this happening in the first place? Season 1 provided some clues as to why the teens live in what could be a replica of their hometown, but are cut off from the rest of the world. Sam (Berdy) discovered documentation signed by his father, Cassandra (Keller), and Allie’s father (Newton) that the town was paying for a mysterious smell to take over the town (a plot point addressed in the pilot but never seen). analyzed during the season) and the men refuse to pay it. Additionally, some girls discovered photos they had taken during the bus ride for what they thought was their school trip, and they realized that the bus driver was an unknown man they had seen at school just before this incident. Is all this connected? If so, what does all this suggest?

Other questions that needed to be addressed in season 2 revolve around teenagers. First, how are they going to survive the winter with dwindling food supplies and no clear plan on how or where to plant crops? These members of Generation Z have proven capable of doing things they literally have no training to do, including triaging when some teens are poisoned with antifreeze on Thanksgiving and helping one give birth, so it’s possible that they can also engage in agriculture.

Second, what will happen to Allie and Will (Colimon)? The season 1 finale saw Allie, the former town leader, and Will, her friend and her pseudo-counselor, arrested for conspiracy to rig the town’s mayoral election. Her arrest was part of a coup involving Lexie (Cox), Campbell (a confirmed sociopath and The Society’s main villain, played by Wallace), and Harry (Fitzalan) to put Lexie in power. Season 1 ended with Allie and Will chained to a radiator in their home with no clarity on whether they would get a fair trial, be released, or possibly be executed.

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