Toronto Maple Leafs: Kyle Dubas Will Come Out of This a Legend

Kyle Dubas

Kyle Dubas was born on November 29, 1985). He is the general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League (NHL) and is the ice hockey administrator.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in sports management from Brock University and briefly worked as a player agent. Dubas joined the Maple Leafs as an assistant general manager in 2014 and was influential in the establishment of the Toronto Marlies of the American Hockey League (AHL). In 2018, the Marlies were named AHL Champions and won the Calder Cup. 

Kyle Dubas- The youngest agent in NHL history

For Kyle Clifford and Andrew Desjardins, Kyle represented Uptown Sports Management. He opened offices in Europe, however, due to issues with clients leaving for other agencies, he took up hockey as a second career. 

He then got the post of general manager of the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) in 2018 where he spent his childhood. He went into his interview with a well-thought-out strategy for assisting the team, which had been struggling in the past few years. Initially, the Greyhounds were looking for an experienced GM candidate, but Dubas’ interview wowed the board so much that he was unanimously selected.

In 2014, the Toronto Maple Leafs’ president, Brendan Shanahan, contacted Dubas on joining the franchise. It took them nine hours to meet for the first time. In July of 2014, Shanahan hired Dubas as the Maple Leafs’ associate general manager. 

General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs

Dubas had a difficult start. The 35-year-old went against the league’s established traditions by assembling a team based on elegance, ability, and speed, regardless of size. Even if the NHL is moving in that direction, it wasn’t prepared for such a drastic shift. The St Louis Blues won the cup that year with an unglamorous, gritty, punishing team, as though in direct protest of Dubas. Rather than taking the Blues’ success as a sign, Dubas doubled down the next season, and Toronto was swept out from the playoffs again.

Dubas radically overhauled the Toronto Maple Leafs during the 2021 abbreviated season. Kyle Dubas’ first-night lineup included skill and speed, as well as defensive savvy and tenacity. Even still, some fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs still want Kyle Dubas to leave.

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That would be a blunder, to put it bluntly. This is especially true after this season. The Toronto Maple Leafs’ true reason that fell during the first round of the playoffs was a few centimetres difference in two or three overtime shots. In Games 5 and Game 6, both Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews nearly won it on several occasions in the extra session. The Leafs didn’t receive the bounces they wanted, and they faced Carey Price in his best form in years.

Even though you don’t believe that therefore Kyle Dubas must remain with the Toronto Maple Leafs: 

First and foremost, he must manage his players. Ilya Mikheyev suffered an artery and tendon injury in his hand against the New Jersey Devils in 2019, and he was a popular character among players and staff. This was Mikheyev’s first season, and his English seemed inadequate, so Dubas stayed with him in the hospital right away.

A further example is John Tavares’ terrible on-ice injury. Dubas was out of his box and down into the depths of the Scotiabank Arena in a second, not only with a serious and real look of concern on his face. He is concerned about his players’ well-being.

Here are some other facts for those who are cold-hearted and don’t care. Everyone wants the squad to become more difficult to play against by incorporating more grit, physicality, and depth. At the start of the 2021 playoffs, the Toronto Maple Leafs had all of this. Dubas had already made a brilliant move for Jack Campbell in February 2020, also with David Rittich, he had acquired extra security behind the recuperating Frederik Andersen. TJ Brodie, who’s one of Toronto’s greatest defenders all season, was a defensive addition, but so was Zach Bogosian’s grit and toughness, which far exceeded everybody’s expectations. Even though Sheldon Keefe never clothed him, Dubas went back for more by getting Ben Hutton on deadline day. 

Bogosian was brought in as well as Wayne Simmonds, who lately inked a deal, and Nick Foligno at the deadline for those calling for grit. Put a checkmark next to Brodie, Bogosian, Foligno, and Riley Nash if you believed the Leafs were too easy to play versus. 

Lastly, with a youthful core, one of the most common accusations levelled at the Leafs is their lack of experience and leadership. Joe Thornton was brought in by Dubas because he realized this. He brought back Jason Spezza, who, it should be noted, is so passionate about this team that he declared he will retire if he could be grabbed off waivers for less money. Spezza doesn’t say that unless he enjoys the squad and the organization.

This team was put up for success by Dubas. He completed his task and then headed out to join the squad before the deadline. He did his job well.

How long will Kyle Dubas remain with the Toronto Maple Leafs?

When a player is dealt with by the Toronto Maple Leafs, they usually talk about how excited they are to play in the NHL’s most populous market.

Players aren’t the only ones that suffer from glare. Coaches and general managers are in the same boat. If he’s in a suit in the upper bowl of the Scotiabank Arena, Toronto Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas is not immune to the pressure. 

Once the Leafs were eliminated from the playoffs, attention was on the players, later the coaches, Dubas, and President Brendan Shanahan.

The “Shanaplan” appears to have gone (largely) according to plan. Shanahan’s Toronto Maple Leafs are unquestionably a better team than they were before he took charge. He normalized the locker room alongside former GM Lou Lamoriello before handing over to Kyle Dubas, as always was planned.

Net Worth

Kyle Dubas’ estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million as a general manager of a national hockey team. 

Personal Life

Kyle Dubas is a well-educated employee. He earned a Sports Management degree from Brock University. Kyle Dubas’ schooling, on the other hand, is unknown. Kyle Dubas and Shanon Dubas have been married since 2014. The joyful couple is the parents of a son. However, no information about the son or wife has been released. 

Is Kyle Dubas on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

He has roughly 2,000 followers on Instagram. On Instagram, you may find him under the handle @kyledubass. Kyle has 94.1k followers on Twitter, where he goes by the handle @kyledubas. On Twitter, he’s verified.

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