What Made Erik Per Sullivan Quit Hollywood?

Erik Per Sullivan

Erik Per Sullivan is popularly known as a child actor, Dewey. Although he is a grown-up man now, he is still famous for his role in Malcolm in the Middle where he was a child artiste. He has also worked for charities shows and can play musical instruments. While Erik no longer work as an actor these days, his current net worth is estimated at no less than $5 million.

When Erik Per Sullivan used to work for the entertainment industry, he would always surprise audiences through his outstanding performances which makes him recognized strictly as a child actor. All his fans do follow him on his Instagram account, but it remains unclear about what he posts or does in real life. While many of his fans still want to see him as an actor, of course, for an adult role now.

Erik Per Sullivan bio, early life and career

Erik Per Sullivan was born in Massachusetts Worcester on 12th July 1991. His mother Ann Sullivan was from Sweden and his father Fred Sullivan had an Irish background. Erik received his schooling at Mount Saint Charles Academy after which he went to Philips Exeter Academy later on. Due to his mother being a Sweden, Erik could speak Swedish very well along with English. He has no siblings but used to visit Sweden very often.

Erik had completed his Taekwondo learning and received a black belt. His acting career too started at a very tender age of seven, but only with small appearances. Erik’s first credited role or we can say that the first show in which he gained a large following was Malcolm in the Middle in which he played the role of a child named Dewey. For that very role, Erik had received many significant awards and acclamations. Erik can even play saxophone and piano besides other musical instruments. To learn acting skills, he went to KD College. He graduated from the University of Southern California. Erik has also assisted Jane Kaczmarek to complete her book named Together besides doing charity work for Heifer International.

Erik Per Sullivan Role in ‘Malcolm in The Middle’

Those who have seen Malcolm in the Middle must be well aware of Erik Per Sullivan’s role in the show as Dewey. For others, Dewey was the youngest brother in the comic drama until the fourth finale when his on-screen mother Lois gave birth to her fifth child named Jamie. Erik’s role as Dewey was whimsical and eccentric at various times during the show as he was just five years old in the show, next to his elder brother Malcolm. Audiences saw Erik for the first time when he was just six years old, however, at the end of the series, the child actor turned eleven and was in middle school.

Erik Per Sullivan’s notable works

Although we know Erik Per Sullivan for his remarkable acting as Dewey, he had worked for many productions as a child artiste. Many do not know that he appeared in the famous sci-fi movie Armageddon released in 1998 where he is seen flying a rocket in his hand for a few seconds. Though, he got a breakthrough because of The Cider House Rules in 1999. Erik became quite famous immediately after Malcolm in the Middle aired. He had also voiced for a seahorse in the animated movie, Finding Nemo apart from other significant roles. The last time when we saw Erik Per Sullivan acting was in the year 2010 for the movie Twelve where he played the role of Timmy.

Awards won by Erik Per Sullivan

Since Erik Per Sullivan appeared in so many popular shows during the 2000s, he was also nominated for many awards. He won the Young Stars Award in 2000 for Best Young Ensemble Act television for Malcolm in the Middle. He was nominated for Teen Choice Awards along with young artist Awards at the same time. In 2001, Erik got the Fright Meter Award. These awards were many of those Erik received while he was in high school.

Erik Per Sullivan’s personal relationship and girlfriend

Since Erik Per Sullivan likes to keep his personal life to himself, we do not know much about it. However, Erik s single as of now and according to his social media account, not dating anyone. It was rumoured that Erik was involved in a romantic relationship in 2009 with Daveigh Chase. Chase is an American singer, model and actress born on 24th July 1990 in Las Vegas. Chase’s background had always been controversial. She was also arrested for riding a stolen car in 2017. Her total net worth is no more than $500k.

Why did Erik Per Sullivan quit acting?

As previously discussed, Erik Per Sullivan last acted in 2010 in the movie Twelve as Timmy. At that time, it was rumoured that he was dating Daveigh Chase even though Erik kept his love life very secret. However, sources claim that Erik’s relationship with Chase changed things for him. Now he is almost 30 but still unmarried. It can be said that there is no perfect reason behind Erik Per Sullivan’s quitting, maybe he wanted to live a normal life free from stardom. He just has a private life like many of us but keeps himself busy with lots of activities every time as per his social media posts.

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